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  Media Gallery   09/09/2023

15th Experts "Live" CTO: Gallery Foyer Room - Saturday 12:00

15th Experts Live CTO: Best Clinical Competition 1

PARALLEL SESSION - Best Clinical Competition 1

Complete revascularization in patient with myocardial infarction, mvd, lad cto and very low LVEF
Alberto Chisari (Caltanissetta)

CTO due to stent fracture in patient after CABG
Sergey Furkalo (Kiev - UA)

Nightmare that ends well: successfully treated lad CTO lesion
Hasim Tuner, Ahmet Akyel, Omer Goktekin, Mustafa Kursat Tigen (Istanbul - TR)

Investment procedure for left anterior descending artery chronic total occlusion treatment in patient with left main coronary artery stenting
Gabriele Rosso, Tania Chechi (Florence)

One CTO - Lots of complications
Chiara Cavallino1 , Mohamed Abdirashid1 , Arianna Giannitto Giorgio2 , Marco Franzino3 , Ludovica Maltese1 , Elodi Bacci1 , Francesco Rametta1 , Fabrizio Ugo1 ( 1 Vercelli, 2 Rome, 3 Messina)

Proximal cap modification to allow wire crossing in calcified CTO “lessons from two cases”
Abdelhakim Allali1 , Christoph Marquetand1 , Karim Elbasha2 , Ingo Eitel1 ( 1 Lübeck - D, 2 Bad Segeberg - D)

Retrograde percutaneous intervention of a chronically occluded left main coronary artery in a 10 year-old boy
Roberto Diletti (Rotterdam - NL)

Sometimes you have to open an additional CTO to open your target CTO
Myron Zaczkiewicz, Kambis Mashayekhi (Lahr - D)

Successful application of snare technique in epiaortic vessel in retrograde CTO PCI of ostial right coronary artery
Giulia Nardi, Niccolò Ciardetti, Silvia Maiani, Francesca Maria Di Muro, Maria Federica Crociani, Lucrezia Biagiotti, Francesca Ristalli, Francesco Meucci, Alessio Mattesini, Carlo Di Mario (Florence)

Very long RCA CTO in a post CABG patient
Mohamed Aymen Ben Abdessalem (Sousse - TN)


Best abstract competition
Gallery Foyer room - Saturday 12:00 - 13:00

Antonio Colombo (Milan), 
Giuseppe Tarantini (Padua)

15th Experts Live CTO,
EUROCTO Club meeting in partnership with the GISE CTO meeting.
September 8th - 9th, 2023
Florence, Italy

If you want to know all the details of the event, click on the image below to download the final program, where you will be able to orient yourself on the day, time and place of a specific video recorded at 15th Experts Live CTO.

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