Video   17/09/2021

PARALLEL SESSION - Entry Level CTO Course organized by GISE

SESSION 4: Retrograde Approach

15:00 - 16:30 - Green Room - Friday, September 17th, 2021

Alessio La Manna (Catania - I),
Pietro Mazzarotto (Lodi - I),
Markus Meyer Gessner (Dusseldorf - D)

Lucia Barbieri (Milan - I),
Dionigi Fischetti (Lecce - I),
Alfredo Marchese (Bari - I),
Giulia Masiero (Padua - I),
Tommaso Piva (Ancona - I),
Francesco Tomassini (Rivoli - I),
Alessandra Truffa Giachet (Asti - I)

15.00 Live in the box 3 from Pistoia, Ospedale San Jacopo
Operator: Marco Comeglio (Pistoia - I)

15.25 Discussion

15.35 Live in the box 4 from Latina, Ospedale Santa Maria Goretti
Operators: Antonino Stipo, Francesco Versaci (Latina - I)

16.00 Discussion

16.10 The retrograde approach: my best tip & tricks
Kambis Mashayekhi (Bad Krozingen - D)


13th Experts "Live" CTO Workshop
17th–18th September 2021 - Florence, Italy 

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